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Osasuna vs Barcelona preview & predictionOn December 10, 2011, Barcelona would face Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu for La Liga in the last game before boarding for the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan. Schuster's promising ability and vision of the game, in any case, guaranteed him, then, in Euro 1980. Schuster left the tournament not only with the title, but as the biggest revelation of the competition. For the 2017-18 La Liga, the player scored 15 goals and was the Brazilian with the most goals in the Spanish competition that season. The Bavarian club finished fourth in the Bundesliga thanks to the performances of its veteran reinforcement, who also scored the three goals that would be voted the most beautiful of the year in the country. From 2008 to 2010, Reebok, the team's former supplier of sports material, began to launch each year an "Official Tricolor Torcida Shirt", a kind of third uniform that did not enter the field in official matches, serving only for sales to the fans.. Schuster's performances, even at the age of 34, accredited him with the public and the press for a return to the German National Team, which ended up not materializing.

Lee vs Gaara abstract character flat gradient icon illustration illustrator mascot minimal simple vector For his first major season in 2008–09, he helped Barcelona to Spain's first ever treble; that year, aged 22, Messi won his first Ballon d'Or. That and his skill and elegance in occupying spaces in the midfield, making precise launches and coming up with a surprise attack seduced Barcelona's directors, who signed him for the 1980/81 season. It was enough for Schuster to be second only to his compatriot Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in France Football's assessment of the publication's traditional award given to the best European player, the Ballon d'Or. The two seasons that followed the failure would prove stressful for Schuster. Unlike the men's Champions League, not every association has a team, so the number of teams in the qualifying round (played over two rounds of one-on-one ties this season) and the group stage cannot be determined until the full list of vacancies are known.

What was achieved two weeks later, on May 27, when Barcelona defeated Manchester United, at the Olímpico in Rome, with a 2-0 sealed by the new star of the team, Messi. In the European Cup, Atleti even eliminated Manchester United with a 4 x 1 aggregate in the round of 16, but fell in the quarterfinals in a draw against Brugge for having scored fewer goals away from home. In Catalonia, he was perhaps the biggest idol in the 1980s, scoring 63 goals in 170 games even as a midfield player. Former Portuguese footballer Paulo Futre, who was his colleague at Atlético, summed up the main qualities of Schuster's game when he placed him in his ideal squad, in an interview with FourFourTwo magazine: "He had a great vision of the game and combined it with a lot of intelligence. He was a leader on the field and he made passes. The way he distributed accurate passes on the field was unique." On site there are five pitches, two of which have underfloor heating, an artificial grass pitch, three small pitches and a multi-purpose sports venue. However, severe media criticism and disagreements with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Uli Stielike, Paul Breitner and coach Jupp Derwall made him, still 24 years old and three months away from the competition, ask to be removed.

List of European stadiums by capacityHowever, he was frowned upon at the end of 1983 after refusing to be called up for the last qualifying games for Euro 1984, against Northern Ireland and Albania; Schuster wanted to be home due to the birth of one of her children. Breaking the eleven-year fast raised Schuster to the status of a myth, while in his homeland he became a renegade: still in 1984, still 24 years and months before the European Championship that year, he resigned from the West German national team. Cologne. He projected himself in it the following year, joining the victorious squad of the Euro Cup that year. He spent another year and a half with Leverkusen, leaving the aspirin club in 1996 for North America. He continued to play football a year after leaving the pitch, but in the sand. The referees also did not escape the antics of the "blond angel": one of them would comment later that during the entire game he was verbally attacked by him with unprintable words, in a loud voice, "with a terrible German accent, but in perfect Spanish".

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