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Intercontinental Cup 1964

Everything that is still said about the public in Naples is a false history. The streets of Barcelona still burn today with longing for independence and anger towards the central government in Madrid. CELEBRATIVE EXHIBITION – From the Grande Inter who won everything in the 1960s to the special kit to celebrate twenty years of sponsorship by Nike, which will only be used in the derby against Milan next Sunday (see article), passing through the iconic one with horizontal stripes of winning the UEFA Cup in the 1997-1998 season. These are the shirts on display at Gate 8 of the Meazza Stadium in the Inter-SPAL matchday twenty-seventh Serie A pre-match, on the occasion of a temporary exhibition (which can only be visited until kick-off, i.e. at 3 pm today) organized by Inter for its one hundred and eleven years of history together with the English site Classic Football Shirts, the largest collection in the world of football shirts which has over five hundred thousand copies on sale on its store. And again, for those who read the book, the pink-black motifs of Palermo, the purple of Fiorentina, the orange of Pistoiese, the blu foncé of Cavese will no longer be a mystery; as well as the V on the chest of the shirts of Brescia and Brindisi, the superstitious reasons of the red socks under the black and white uniform of Ascoli and the religious reasons of the red and blue of Casarano.

The contribution of English immigrants to the birth of Italian teams, at least between the 1800s and 1900s, was notable and we can also find evidence of this in the English-speaking names of the clubs: not only Milan, but also Genoa and the now defunct Naples, Florence, Roman. It is particularly serious that neither of the two Capitoline teams is able to find suitable sponsors for their respective shirts (Roma have been without them for 5 years), as well as those of the Lanterna derby. Androgyny: it is not hermaphroditism, i.e. the simultaneous presence of the physical characteristics of both sexes, but the awareness of the presence of male and female elements in each individual. For tonight's match, however, the German coach has his hands a bit tied given the infirmary is full: in any case, there will be elements of great value on the pitch. However, the Inter coach could mess up the cards in defense, atalanta jersey at 4 and placed in front of Handanovic: we will always see Skriniar in the center but in the company of Miranda and it will be up to the Cedric-Asamoah duo to position themselves on the wings. The news came out a few weeks ago and now it is the Moto GP rider himself who confirms it, given the controversy that had arisen, as he is a great fan of Inter.

It is a big country, with beautiful landscapes, beautiful places, all kinds of climates and many resources. After his landing among the professionals and his rise in the great football scene, he was nicknamed El Pipita in memory of his father, known as El Pipa. When one understands what one's role is in nature, in the cosmos which is also divine, then one understands that "integrity" and "holiness" are one and the same. What remains to be understood is the fate of Andrea Costa, who will leave as Puggioni while yesterday they returned to training on the pitch at the Antistadio "Carmelo Imbriani". Girls and boys from six to fourteen years old, who share difficult lives who come together with the ball in a carefree and surprisingly equal game for all the children in the world. It is unlikely that his proposal will be accepted by the conservative majority, also because there are many interests at stake. Because it is true that in many respects the goal scored by Mauro Icardi against Tottenham represents, to date, the most important one of Inter's start to the season, but at the same time the Nerazzurri forward is always without score in the league, an event which after five days had never happened to him in his career since he was the Nerazzurri number nine (at most he had stopped at one, but he had never played all five initial games in full).

Overall, the first five aforementioned teams invoice around 72 million euros thanks to the sponsors on the shirts, 86% of the total. In all, including the second and third series, there are 25 English football teams that rely on this type of sponsor. However, there are few sports betting companies that are really interested in the British market. And even just considering the revenues of sponsors on players' shirts, they are worth just a sixth of the total, despite involving 45% of Premier League football clubs. In other words, it is like saying that on average a sports betting company would pay an English team just over a third of its competitors to win the sponsorship on the shirts. Society is fundamental, and Juventus is a practically unique model in the world. And on Saturday 7 December, a representation of the fans will take part in the Christmas lunch organized by Don Mazzi's association in the underpass between via Tonale and via Pergolesi. After 30 years of resistance from president Massimo Moratti, Thohir's management has decided to resort for the first time to a sponsor linked to the world of sports betting, in an attempt to repay the difficult financial condition of the Nerazzurri club.

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