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Most Read Sora – UFOs in the City Skies?

Bastos himself had been exemplary in the first half, perhaps the best on the pitch. The last gathering of the group led by Pierluigi Forlini was an opportunity for the black feathers of Borgonove to deliver a contribution of 2,000 euros to the Friends of the Hospice. «Last Sunday – friends tell us – he helped cook tripe during a lunch in the parish hall». «He really wanted to say that he was a friend of the Alpini» recall his friends. The works began in recent days when the group of Alpine troops from Perino, led by group leader Luciano Mazzari, showed up on the pedestrian bridge with brushes and buckets of impregnating substance, useful for protecting the wood with which the bridge was built. Thus were present the representatives of the Friulian group of Majano and the Lombard groups of Abbiategrasso, Limbiate and Pregnana Milani and some "civilians" who, boys, had made friends with the Alpine troops engaged in work shifts in the construction sites set up by the ANA. And the Municipality of Travo immediately responded, budgeting over a thousand euros to provide the Penne Nere with all the equipment needed to complete the job. But the matter did not escape the Alpine troops of Perino who did not sit idly by and thus asked the administrations of the two municipalities on which the footbridge stands "halfway" – Coli and Travo – for support to start the works, offering their manpower without asking for anything in return.

Nothing to do with the controversy over the conditions of the Piacenza bridges after the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, but a great deal of good will from those – like the Perino alpine group – who are not willing to see the town in neglect and sleeves in first person. Embarrassing comparison with the top European teams in terms of receipts: the sponsor offers Manchester United 65 million, 80% of the total amount collected by Serie A, Barcelona 60 million, Chelsea 56, Arsenal 42 and Real Madrid 32. In fact, the top three English clubs hold a 50% share of the entire Premier League turnover relating to shirt sponsors, a percentage very similar to that of the top three teams in Serie A. The ratio in Spain is much more unbalanced, where Real Madrid and Barça together account for 88% of the total. Those who are captured are placed on mounds and catapulted into the castle. Raise passions, breed grudges, sow envies: which, not infrequently, are a tribute to merit. With club teams, after his debut with Argentinos Juniors, he won an Argentine championship with Boca Juniors, three cups with Barcelona which was the first very tormented European stage of his career and the point of no return as regards initiation to drugs, up to the apotheosis of Naples, the city from which he was welcomed as a sovereign, in which he effectively reigned for seven years and from which he then had to flee alone and abandoned at night to free himself from an embrace which, during that intense experience, had turned into an almost lethal grip.

And, that is, a monster of arrogance, a pit bull ready to tear the creatures to pieces in Parco Valentino, who goes around flaunting t-shirts, tweets and machoman bullshit like: "It's all about winning for us". He also collaborated with the parish and in the summer he lent himself to cooking for the kids of the Piccoli al Centro summer center, especially in the case of trips out of town. Thus was born the first organizational group of Neapolitan supporters, led by the street urchin Gennaro Montuori, 14 years old at the time, already known as "Palummella", who in this period met people who managed to bring many young people into the group. At first he shut himself up with Gonzaga in the citadel; the resolution is brief; he decides to leave the city for the Porta di Santa Croce with the Marquis of Mantua. Psychology is used to explain mind expansion as a "mystical" experience. Fabio Barcellona, ​​chemist and UEFA B coach. He writes about football for L'Ultimo Uomo. I immediately hated Juve even before understanding football. Feyenoord made the best effort in search of their first victory but, due to an excess of enthusiasm, ended the match in numerical inferiority due to the expulsion of Tonny Vilhena. Experiences that have united the black feathers of various provinces and who met on Saturday in Vigolzone for a reunion on the day of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the group led by Gaetano Morosoli.

The Alpini teach that men are not those who only boast rights but embody a profound sense of duty, inter milan jersey 2023 and are capable of free availability towards others". Neapolitans had them in their underpants and socks. Wanda Nara made a show as a columnist. «It's a modern show, with an engaging rhythm suitable for all ages, really beautiful. For four years, during the holidays, these volunteers returned to Friuli to lend a hand to the reconstruction. All teams from UEFA member countries that finish first or second in their national leagues automatically enter the Champions League. Other existing Tim customers, even if they do not receive any communication from Tim, will be able to go spontaneously to the Tim stores in Naples. Even Emery, I went to look for his lecture the day before yesterday, he seemed quite aware. In Friuli, the black feathers of Vigolzone went in 1976 following the devastating earthquake that hit the area.

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