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It is one of the leaders of the Curva dell'Inter, Marco Piovella, who, in the late afternoon of Saturday, presented himself at the Police Headquarters with his lawyer, the lawyer Mirko Perlino. To cross the Leo and Scoltenna rivers, near the Mulino del Leo, ladders have been laid which, in the photos of the aerial explorers, do not attract so much attention. Practically made for the loans of the strikers Maniero del Novara and Garritano from Cosenza from Chievo Verona. However, one more defender would also have been needed to help the Miranda-Murillo duo and a new full-back; it is therefore to be believed that the winter transfer market will have defense at the center of the objectives. The destruction by the Allies in the area of ​​attack by the American IV Army Corps has been systematically amplified by partisan activities in the mountains and in the hinterland and it is known that for the rapid and large movement of troops the Germans lack materials and fuel. For the time being, therefore, the 1st Alpini Corps is being attacked on the left wing by the 4th American Army Corps.

a woman standing while holding a placard Since the Reno river, also for the enemy, is the point of contact between the 5th American army and the 8th British army, the undertaking of the breakthrough of the front along the "Via di Vergato" is located in the American sector. However, it was only an illusion, the swan song of the Hombre vertical, that on 18 October 2003, after yet another knockout in the league against Milan and a disappointing 2-2 draw at Brescia, he was fired. A duel between Juventus and Milan could break out over the Spanish goalkeeper, whose contract with Napoli is about to expire, as reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport. According to the judgment of General Von Gablenz this position "was completely unsuitable for defence. Strong objections to the Biancoceleste president Claudio Lotito were expressed during the championship, for a tournament played below expectations. Responding to the frequent and heavy enemy fire from the Montespecchio area and the old wooden bridge at the confluence of the Rio San Martino nel Panaro, where there is also the ford through which the donkey relays cross the river, the artillery holds enemy positions under fire with good success.

buenos aires The day ended with dinner under a starry sky, a splendid setting for another pleasant evening in Groppovisdomo. The sector intended for the breakthrough of the front is initially located slightly west of the point of contact between the 14th and 10th German armies, in a second phase it will be located entirely in the sector of the 10th army. Since a further main attack by the enemy towards Zocca is evidently imminent, Von Gablenz no longer expects any further attacks in the division sector, especially since the fighting strength of the Brazilians, in front of the front of the 232nd Infantry Division, is not evaluated by him "high". Relentless shelling lasting from half an hour up to a full hour excavates the ground throughout the regiment's sector. This indicates an imminent attack, only the initial carpet bombing and barrage are missing to ensure that in the hour following the infantry advances even with tanks.

Already four days before "D-Day", on April 5th 1945, the 92nd American Infantry Division attacked, at the extremity of the left wing of the IV Army Corps, in the direction of Pietra santa – Massa – Carrara. Three sections of the 114th Panzer Chasseur Squad were also subordinated to the 232nd Infantry Division already the day before, March 18th. Therefore the request of the 232nd Division to withdraw the HKL behind the southern edge of Monte Cimone, the southern edge of Monte Calvanelle, the southern edge of Monte Emiliano and the southern edge of Monte Specchio is approved by the higher command. Due to the heavy traffic to the command post and due to the partisans who are quickly informed and communicate everything to the enemy, it is only a matter of time before the enemy takes aim at the mill. Because of the phosphorus grenades burn cherry blossoms. Then the enemy intensifies its interference fire by firing phosphorous grenades on the positions on the northern slopes, on all the supply routes and mainly on the village of Fanano and all the bridges in the area. In addition to firing phosphorus grenades, the enemy has now begun firing grenades with leaflets where it is written that hot beds are available for prisoners and, in its edition no. 120 of March 30, 1945 entitled "mail of the front, southern edition", the enemy leaflet highlights the American advance, via the bridgehead at Remagen, through the Westerwald forest up to Marburg.

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