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The UEFA Cup in Naples: The Italian teams participating in the 18th edition of the UEFA Cup are: Roma, Inter, Juventus and Napoli. 12.04.12 RETURN SEMIFINALS ARMENIA CUP Ulisses – Impuls 0- 0, Mika – Shirak 1- 2. Impuls and Shirak will play the final next April 29th at the Gyumri stadium. In the Fairs Cup, Cagliari's path is less fortunate, in fact the rossoblù are eliminated in the round of 32 by the East Germans of Carl Zeiss Jena. If the Czech Republic (16 points) now seems unattainable, Armenia is playing with Wales and Montenegro the possibility of finishing second and playing the play-off for the final phase. The final result (1 to 0 for Greece) therefore does not reflect the progress of the match; Armenia, however, must improve in the closing phase because they wasted too many great opportunities. 31.05. 12 ARMENIA, UNDESERVED DEFEAT In the first friendly of the season, in Austria against Greece, Armenia was undeservedly defeated (0-1) at the end of a match for long stretches dominated by Minasyan's men. In the 1971-72 season, the team, entrusted to the emerging Carlo Mazzone and led by the scorer Renato Campanini, won the championship and landed for the first time in the cadet series.

Already in the 1956-1957 season Ascoli, finishing in 1st place, returned to the IV Series. Del Duca, took the name of Ascoli Calcio 1898. Already in 1972-73 the Juventus freshman finished in 4th place, missing promotion by just one point; but the following tournament saw her score 51 points and finish in 1st place together with Varese. It was the first of many promotions that saw the team gradually rise to Serie C, reaching the best finish of 2nd place in that category in those years. I 63. 946 fans present at San Siro exploded with joy, before the frantic final seconds of the match during which Insigne too was sent off. The entire national team was also awarded while its coach Vardan Minasyan was chosen as coach of the year. Next 28 February (6pm) Minasyan's national team will play against Serbia (Fifa ranking 25th) while on the 29th (9pm) they will face Canada (71st). Both matches will be played in Cyprus (Limassol). Armenia has risen to 41st place in the latest FIFA ranking led by Spain. After a good first round, with excellent performances especially at home, despite a drop in the final round, the Sardinians obtain in advance and without worries the mathematical salvation finishing in eleventh place, the best result of the Giulini era.

Ascoli, 3rd in group L, gained access to the upper level. After the Second World War, in 1944-45 there was a first timid attempt to resume football competitions with the local teams, later unified in the Ascoli Sports Association. The biggest mistake of the federations, first of all Italian, was that of giving up the divine principle of progressive numbering, a barrier against numerical hypertrophy. Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC, better known as Ascoli, is an Italian football club based in the city of Ascoli Piceno. In 1905, mainly for political reasons, the club changed its name to Ascoli Vigor, but until 1907 football was played only in friendly matches against semi-unknown teams. His appearance was, however, the decisive turning point, as he became passionate about football and his team to the point that not only did he not give up his job, but he went so far as to declare his intention to bring Ascoli up to Serie A. Gino Regoli and Walter Panichi were the real football "experts" and operated as a general manager and sports director.

It is the most famous team in the Marche region, as it boasts 16 seasons in Serie A, a category in which its best finish is fourth place in the 1979-80 season, and 26 in Serie B, a category where in the 1977-78 year it established the record for points (61) in Italian tournaments with 20 teams and two points per match. The first real official third division federal championship was held in 1927, and Ascoli finished in 1st place. 7.04.12 THIRD DAY OF THE PREMIERE LEAGUE Shirak – Ulisses 1-0, Pyunik – Impulse 1-3, Gandzasar – Banants 3-0, Mika – Ararat 3-0. The standings on the club league page. 1.04.12 SECOND DAY OF THE PREMIER LEAGUE – Banants – Pyunik 1-1, Impuls – Mika 1-2, Ararat – Shirak 1-2, Ulissess – Gandzasar 0-0. The first day scheduled between 24 and 25 March was postponed due to bad weather. This team resumed play inheriting the level occupied, before the conflict, by the Unione Sportiva Ascolana (Southern League of Serie C). A few minutes before the start of the match, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi also arrived at the Stadio Olimpico with his wife and children, escorted by a police and carabinieri picket. Inaccuracy, haste, a bit of bad luck prevented the Armenians from drawing a match they could have won.

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